Visual In-page Web Analytics

Visual In-page web analytics is the analysis of visitor behavior within a particular webpage or a product.

It differs from traditional web analytics, which focuses on visitor movement between pages rather than on one particular page. In-page web analytics software includes click-tracking, mouse-tracking, and session replay tools, many of which display what areas of a webpage receive the most visitor attention.

These tools are generally used to understand visitor behavior for the purposes of optimizing a website's usability and conversion rate. Visual analytics are different from traditional web analytics that mainly focus on visitor movement between pages because visual analytics focus on the behavior exhibited on one particular page.

Picture below shows the difference between traditional analytics and visual analytics.

What are the types of In-page Web Analytics?

There are several types of tools that belong to the category of In-page analytics. We provide the following:

  • Heatmaps: The Mouse Move Heatmaps are a comprehensive visual representation of what visitors are looking at and focusing on within a webpage based on mouse moves from thousands of visitors to a site. Three types of heatmaps: Mouse Move, Mouse Click, Scroll Reach.
  • Form Analytics: Form Analytics provides an in-depth view of your visitors’ interactions with your web forms. It displays which fields the form is being dropped at or which fields take the most time to complete.
  • Session Replay: Session Replay records and replays a visitor's journey on a web site or within a web application. Replay can include the user's view (browser or screen output) and the user input (keyboard and mouse inputs). This tool is used to understand visitor behavior for the purposes of optimizing a website's usability and conversion rate. UsabilityTools focuses on providing Session Replay recording to our clients.

What is the value of In-page Web Analytics?

Armed with visual analytics tools, you obtain a complete picture of how users engage with your website or application. By exploring new conversion insights with your team, you can begin to understand the reasons behind user's actions, the why and the steps that need to be taken to improve user retention and increase the revenue.

By combining your web analytics data with qualitative behavioral user insights from UsabilityTools you can gain the full understanding of how users experience your website or a product and find the real issues that are getting in the way of extraordinary user experience.

Visual in-page web analytics are mainly used by the Marketing Departments to determine future trends and areas which the sales teams should focus on. Analytics provide data that helps in guiding companies’ short- and long-term projects and goals. The ability to see what areas of a websites or a product generate the most interest enables to make educated decisions, with proof to back them up.

What are the success stories of In-page Web Analytics users?

If you’re a marketer, you’re undoubtedly looking for inspiration to optimize your website or product for better conversions. Below you will find a short presentation deck, showing few examples of how using In-page Web Analytics can help grow your business.

Visual In-page Web Analytics from Bartosz Mozyrko

How do I install it on my website?

Installing Visual In-page Web Analytics is usually very simple. Most companies require you to paste a simple script into the <head> tag of your website. In case of Session Replay, the analytics tool that we provide, it’s very similar.

After you create a free account, you can create a new project where you specify the website you want to track.

Once you do that, you’ll be taken to a screen where we’ll display a short JavaScript snippet you need to copy and paste into the <head> tag of your website.

If you’re successful, within minutes you’ll receive an e-mail confirming that everything is set up properly and you received your first recordings.

If you do not know how to edit the tags of your website, ask your IT team to help you – they’ll solve this in a flash.

The script is optimized and doesn’t slow the website in any way. It is also absolutely secure – hundreds of big companies trusted us and we want to keep that trust.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us at – we’ll solve your every problem.

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