UsabilityTools for Enterprise

UsabilityTools enables your teams to gather accurate design insights quickly and easily.
Our three products save time and money by taking the guesswork out of your projects.

UsabilityTools for Enterprise includes:

  • Access to all products and features
  • Unlimited users and domains
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Priority support and online training

Pricing starts at $300 / month based on an annual agreement.

Join thousands of great companies improving their products with UsabilityTools.

Conversion Suite

Find out what visitors want to achieve on your website and how to improve their experience.

Translate user patterns into actionable insights

Session Recording shows how targeted segments are influenced by interacting with your content, elements and call-to-actions. Discover the differences between the most and the least converting user behaviors.

Engagement metrics and advanced filters

Save your time by instantly spotting the most insightful visual user journeys. Find out which users place the most clicks during their visits to spot conversion barriers and usability issues.

Make your web forms double your profits

Thanks to advanced Form Analytics, you can optimize your web forms to minimize your users frustration and increase conversions. Analyze where users hesitate and which fields make them abandon your web forms.

Discover hotspots on your website

Measure the clicks of both interactive and non-interactive elements. Thanks to interactive Heatmaps, you see which elements have the most and the least clicks and you can optimize for higher engagement.

Voice of the Customer

Understand what your visitors want by capturing both structured and unstructured feedback.

Measure your customer satisfaction

Improve your website’s conversions by knowing what your customers value the most. Start optimizing on customer knowledge.

Powerful reporting dashboard

Ask different kinds of feedback questions and enrich your form to better understand your customers.

Works everywhere

Flexible Website Widget allows your customers to give you feedback in every kind of device.

UX Suite

Completely integrated tools for usability testing, IA optimization and visual feedback. No plugins or special hardware required - 100% browser based.

Hire the respondents by our integrated research panel or recruit them yourself by sending a link or inserting a pop-up on your website.

Validate design concepts

Screenshot Click Testing helps you validate mockups, wireframes and designs and decide which elements should you include or pass on. Gather feedback on specific areas of layouts or marketing creations.

Optimize website usability remotely

Thanks to Remote Unmoderated Usability Testing, you can validate any web-based interface and identify areas for improvement by testing usability on large groups of people. Create scenario-based tests in minutes without any HTML coding. No moderation needed.

Ask questions, get answers

Surveys allow you to better understand your customer’s attitudes, feelings, concerns, and satisfaction levels. Engage the respondents and find out more about their needs in real-time. You decide how you want to reach your target audience.

Organize it like your users would

Card Sorting makes it easy to find out how information should be organized to make sense to your target audience. Build successful information architecture that helps people navigate through your content easily.

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