Translate user patterns into actionable insights

Find out exactly what visitors hope to achieve on your site and how to improve their experience. Ensure their actions are aligned with your business goals.

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Ever wondered how visitors are using your website?

Get instant conversion insights by analyzing visual user journeys. See how targeted segments are influenced by interacting with your content, elements and call-to-actions. Capture every mouse movement, click and scroll of visitors within pages. Discover the differences between the most and the least converting user behaviors.

Engagement metrics

Save your time by instantly spotting the most insightful visual user journeys. Find out which users place the most clicks during their visits to spot conversion barriers and usability issues.

Smooth playback on all screens

Watch smooth and high quality user recordings of any resolution such as mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

Compatibility with responsive websites

Capture any type of dynamic content such as responsive websites, carousel forms and drop-downs.

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Discover hotspots on your website to increase conversion


Heatmaps let you see exactly what elements your users pay attention on your website by visualizing clicks, hovers and scrolls. Whether it’s a call-to-action, an image or a text, discover how users interact with them.
Pinpoint user attention
Ensure focus on the right areas of interest that meet your business objectives. Measure the clicks of both interactive and non-interactive elements. Define which elements have the most and the least clicks to optimize for higher engagement.
Fully dynamic, data rich heatmaps
Capture all dynamic elements of your website whether you have responsive design, drop downs or carousels. Reveal the most focused elements with Reversed heatmaps and see how far users are scrolling down to increase the reach of your content with Scroll heatmaps.
Get actionable page insights
Identify the highest engaging pages by filtering them based on clicks and views.
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Make your web forms double your profits

Form Tester

Optimize your web forms to minimize your users frustration and increase conversions. Analyze where users hesitate and which field makes them abandon your web forms.
Detect where users drop
CSee which fields were the last ones before users abandoning the form. Identify the confusing field to increase form completion rate.
Eliminate user hesitations
Identify which fields and labels cause your visitors to hesitate the most. Optimize them to reduce form completion time and increase conversions.
Spot user frustrations
See how often users are going back and refilling a particular field. Identifying the roubled fields will help you reduce the frustration and increase submit rates.
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