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Optimization must‑haves

Take the final steps to higher conversion and engagement. Get powerful insights into how users behave on your website.

  • Choose the tool
  • Attach the script
  • Analyze traffic
  • Boost conversion

Click Tracking - see what makes your visitors click

Understand how visitors see your website. Visualize clicks and mouse moves, discover which areas draw visitors’ attention and which go unnoticed. Test every part of your page and find room for improvement.

Click Tracking heatmaps allow to discover the patterns of mouse movements and clicks, so you can eliminate drop-offs, position elements properly and, as a result, augment conversion. Remove every source of visitors’ hesitation or stumble that always seemed to be tucked away.

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Form Tester - optimize the web forms

Improve your online forms’ performance. Learn how visitors interact with each field and find out which steps in the process cause dropouts. Minimize users’ effort and increase conversion rates.

A complete data report allows you to evaluate the web form and identify areas that need instant improvement. Metrics that you collect can easily tell which fields of the web form cause the biggest trouble and which make your visitors leave the website before completing the form.

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Visitor Recording - walk in your user’s shoes

See your website from the user perspective and learn from their behavior. Capture every mouse move, click and keystroke. Discover what draws visitors’ attention and where they get lost.

Visitor Recording allows to play back any activity of user on your page. By fully understanding how users act, what they are trying to achieve and how they choose to do it, you will be able to easily identify elements on which they encounter troubles and check what makes those parts of your site problematic.

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  • No coding required

    All you need to do is copy and paste a short JS script inside the website and you can start your study.

  • Real-time data

    Keep up with the newest information thanks to real-time performance reports.

  • Fast page load

    The installed scripts will not noticeably impact your page load time.

  • Good compatibility

    Get the data for session-based and SSL pages. Analyze dynamic parts of your site.

Easily get data-driven insights

Analyze visitor’s behavior and generate instant interactive heatmaps, reports, charts or recordings.
Easily present the collected data to your team members or stakeholders.

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